It is the 1860 when Stefano Pernigotti opens a renowed grocery store in the center of Novi Ligure. From thr beginning the confectionary production is quite successful leading to the founding of the factory Pernigotti & Son which, will soon become a reference point for the city. The excellent quality is rewarded with the coat of arms as official supplier of the Royal House. In the early 20th century the company is one of the most important in the market , thanks to modern machinery and high quality recipes.
During World War I the government prohibits the use of sugar in confectionary. With great intuition, Paolo Pernigotti changes the recipe of Nougat replacing sugar with concentrated honey. 1927 is a turning point year for the company as it starts the production of Gianduiotto, the piedmont praline characterized by a delicious mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts.
In 1936 Pernigotti enters, among the first, the market of gelato ingredients with the “creams” and becomes one of the leading company in the business. Starting in the seventies the company proceeds in its development with a wide range of products, tastes, shapes and flavors. Pernigotti becomes one of the main player in the confectionary production of chocolate pralines - Gianduiotto and Cremino – and chocolate bars – with Pepitas Nocciolato. During the course of the years Pernigotti conosolidates its identity, keeps up with innovation and becomes the undisputable leader in the Gianduia confectionary sector, eventually celebrating its 150 years in 2010.