It was 1860 when Stefano Pernigotti opened his illustrious grocery store in the centre of Novi Ligure. His confectionery production immediately became incredibly successful and in 1868 Stefano, together with his son founded the company Pernigotti & Son, establishing a factory that soon became a point of reference in the city. The excellent quality and craftsmanship applied in great quantity was awarded in 1882 with a coat of arms, making the company the official supplier of the Royal House. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the company became one of the most important companies in the sector with innovative machinery and prestigious recipes.
In 1914, with the beginning of the First World War, the use of sugar was forbidden in the preparation of confectionery products. With intuition and skill, Paolo Pernigotti altered the recipe of their Nougat by substituting the sugar with a much more concentrated quantity of honey, consequently obtaining a product with a unique taste and consistency. The year 1927 was a turning point for the company; in fact, the production of the Gianduiotto, a great classic of traditional Piedmont confectionery began. Over the years, the company created a range of chocolate products, expanding in tastes, shapes and flavours becoming one of the major protagonists in the market of chocolates- with Gianduiotto and Cremino - chocolate bars - Pepitas and Nocciolato. During the course of the years, the company strengthened its identity by renewing its range of products in taste and format reinterpreting its assortment of creations becoming a leader in the segment of Gianduia. Pernigotti is not just nougat and chocolate it al o includes excellent quality gelato.
In 1936, the famous factory in Novi Ligure began the production of gelato, subsequently reaching higher levels, qualifying Pernigotti amongst the leading companies in the sector, with semi-finished products for gelato and pastry distinguished by the prestigious brand “Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani”.
In 2019, the brand was sold to the Italian Group Casa Optima, a leader in the sector. Strengthened by this precious inheritance, this year Pernigotti celebrates 160 years and by combining the strength of tradition with the ability to innovate, it is pursuing an important project of the commercial development of the brand capable of writing new pages of an extraordinary story that continues in the sign of Italian excellence.