We are
Italian Master Gelato Chefs
Driven by passion, we are ambassadors of tradition and incessant researchers for quality.


Discover the product novelties and all the new references in the catalogue .
Gianduiotto Cream
The original gianduiotto becomes an artisanal gelato.
Gelagel Chocolate
The true taste of cocoa in the gelato shop.
The spreadable creams for artisanal gelato.
Gelagel Fruit
The natural revolution of fruit.
Master gelato chefs


We choose only high-quality raw materials for creating the best artisanal gelato.
Master pastry chefs


A line of exclusive premium products dedicated to pastry.

Only the best of chocolate. For over 160 Years.

Our line of Chocolates proposes references with a unique character and taste, thanks to the selection of the finest cocoa varieties and their skilful processing.

Raw materials and unique ingredients for your gelato.

Our Premium Selection of Hazelnuts and Pistachios



Specialized training courses and workshops
The School
Casa Optima school is a training project dedicated exclusively to top gelato and pastry professionals. Visit the website and discover all the courses and activities.
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