Maestri Gelatieri Italiani

For over a 160 years Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri tells an all-Italian story, made with love for gelato and respect for tradition.

The value of our history

Born in a tiny family workshop today we are a reference company of high-end gelato worldwide, capable of supplying every customer with our quality and unique expertise. We are guided by our values, which make Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri a unique reality. 

Thanks to constant research for the best raw materials and the choice of modern production systems, we score the highest figures for gelato and artisanal gelato.

Tradition and quality

Today, we are an excellence of artisanal gelato, capable of providing every customer with unique expertise. 

Our profound knowledge of Italian gelato traditions, of its history and its evolution is one of our most precious values that guides every decision we make, from production procedures to the research for the best raw materials, from the choice of suppliers to market analysis, in order to offer only the best and to be the ideal partner for every customer.

This way we can offer products of absolute quality, guaranteeing the best semi-finished products and ingredients for gelato and pastry.

Uniqueness and competence

We consider the past as a source of inspiration transforming its secrets into modern gelato concepts, creating a world in which tradition and innovation are the key to achieving unmatched product quality.

This is the reason why our brand has always been and always will be, unrivalled, representing Italian gelato all over the world thanks to the competence of those who each day work beside the customer with attention and responsibility, providing exclusive products and assortments to make every gelato and pastry creation a unique experience

An experience that today looks towards the future, thanks to the start of a new partnership with the Group Casa Optima.  The best choice to make our brand a guarantee for success.