The true taste of cocoa in the gelato shop.

The Master Gelato chefs, with the solid history and the unparalleled experience of Pernigotti which in 1860 selected the best cocoa beans from all over the world to produce excellent confectionery products, have begun with the first Kit Gelagel, for gelato with real chocolate, a new revolution that will once again change the world of gelato: Gelagel Cocoa Mass.

A product that revolutionizes the classic preparation of chocolate flavour gelato, made with cocoa powder or chocolate, allowing you to make in a simple and natural way the ABSOLUTE DARK CHOCOLATE.

A unique gelato of its kind made directly from the cocoa fruit as the basic ingredient is the cocoa mass, the pure paste which comes from the cocoa production process before the cocoa is transformed into cocoa butter and powder.

An unprecedented experience, to be experimented.